MK Conference 01As I am sure your own careers and experiences will confirm, no other industries have been so exciting, dynamic and versatile. No other industries remain so critical to the economy of every country. And no other industries will have a greater impact on the futures of our children and our planet.

My introduction to the energy industry came in Wales with the privatisation of the coal industry almost 25 years ago. In the intervening years, I have witnessed the cyclical nature of the petroleum industry with oil prices fluctuating between $16 and $160 a barrel, the revolutionary impact of new extraction technologies such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and the exponential expansion of markets for natural gas transported around the world as LNG. I have seen the near disappearance of the coal industry and, in power generation, the seeming demise and rebirth of the prospects for nuclear power generation, the ʻdash for gasʼ and the birth and maturing of a range of technologies for generation from renewable sources.

Government and intergovernmental policy has also been highly dynamic in its impact on the energy industry, first through the liberalisation of markets and, by degrees – motivated by concerns over climate change and energy security – through regulation, subsidies and sanctions.

My own vantage point on these developments has changed many times over the years, so enriching my experience in the energy industry. I have spent periods working in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Far East, as well as in London and in Wales.

As our credentials illustrate, Meldian Advisors have the capabilities and experience to support a broad range of stakeholders in the energy industry – be they petroleum companies, public sector agencies, contractors, investors or lenders – in many ways that match the demands of the industry.

I very much hope we will have the opportunity to work with you in this uniquely exhilarating industry.

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