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Meldian Advisors is an independent business consultancy firm providing specialist services for the in the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors.

Meldian Advisors offer business advisory services to energy companies and other corporates, private equity investors, lenders, and government agencies in the energy, natural resources and infrastructure sectors.  We focus on adding maximum value - both to our clients and society at large.

Our team draws on many years of hands-on experience working in numerous locations around the world, including in the UK and Europe.  Meldian Advisors are able to assist our clients worldwide through an extensive network of relationships with other professionals, including lawyers, consulting engineers, contractors and service companies.

The energy experience of our consultants has encompassed all aspects of the energy chain from and including oil & gas exploration and production, refining, pipeline development, transportation, regulation, and power generation (from both conventional and renewable sources) and transmission.

The project development experience of our consultants extends to many other sectors, including transport, aviation, water, media & IT, and other infrastructure.

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